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treatment that tames frizz and adds shine
HairLocks: MiracleSerum detangles all types of hair knots, tangles, no matter how difficult hair is to manage. The silky serum results in a high reflecting shine after brushing. Get in on the secre...
$25.95 AUD
These leave-in conditioners will moisturise your hair piece without weighing it down
HairLocks: miracle hair treatment is formulated to give hair a super shine. Want to know the secret to super soft hair extensions? Then you need to get your hands on MiracleSpray for hair extens...
$35.95 AUD
Moisturizing Heat Protect Spray
HairLocks Created this to shield your hair from high temperature while creating lustrous shine, this increases the gloss on lifeless, dry hair with out dragging it down. This specific perfectly des...
$14.95 AUD
Repair Mask
HairLocks Repair Mask Macadamia Intense Hydrating Mask is ideal for dry, colored & dehydrated hair. The supreme hydrating, repairing and rebuilding treatment. It is energized with a one of a kind o...
$14.95 AUD
All type of hair extension Conditioner | Vegan | Sulphate Free
For all type of hair extensions. HairLocks Extension Conditioner is a lightweight solution that allows to moisturizer your hair extensions. Our one of a kind conditioning product lets water penet...
$19.95 AUD
All type of hair extension Shampoo | Vegan | Sulphate Free
For all type of hair extensions. HairLocks Hair Extension Shampoo delicately cleanses your hair extensions while providing strong moisturization to the hair cuticle. HairLocks Shampoo has special...
$19.95 AUD
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