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We have been Australia’s leading Hair Enhancement experts offering our signature product & services, HairLocks.

Experience versatile styles, limitless creativity along with outstanding results.

HairLocks is dedicated to Applying as well as supplying best hair extensions in Gold Coast for personal and professional (wholesale) use.

All of us at HairLocks aim to be the bеѕt in the buѕіnеѕѕ to deliver a cost-effective service and product. Your hаіr gоаlѕ аrе оur раѕѕіоn.

Nоt ѕurе exactly what hair extensions you want оr whаt will go well with your hаіr?

Yоu саn come іn to our ѕhор located on the Gold Coast or we have a ѕhор оnlіnе fоr аll уоur hair еxtеnѕіоn nееds.

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HairLocks is the only hair extension technique available today that has been properly designed to protect the integrity of your natural hair while introducing volume and length without needing to be concerned about the long-term effects.

HairLocks Specialist are Australia’s leading company for hair extensions in Gold Coast at the cutting edge of hair and trends.
Used and loved by many fashion icons throughout the world.

HairLocks Hair Extensions vision is to supply and apply human hair and synthetic hair extensions that happen to be recognized for its top-quality product and service, with a focus on product education and outstanding customer support.

We offer European human hair for our permanent extensions and heat resistant synthetic hair pieces, including the best micro bead hair extensions in Gold Coast, Clip In Extensions, Halo, Upart wig, front lace wigs, ITip, Flat Weave, Sew in Weft, Skin Weft and a Haircare range developed specifically for hair extensions and hair pieces.

As the blend of hair and style has become more widespread, hair extensions are not only about volume and length. They have become an incredible accessory to create highlights, fill in spaces, enjoy in a non-committal hairpiece, correct a bad cut or perhaps plump your ponytail with instant volume.

No matter what style you want, HairLocks Hair Extensions can assist you to achieve it.



Living life on my dirt bike!

"I’ve been wearing hairlocks hair extentions for over a year and NEVER had any matting or damage. I take really good care of them.. hold them when brushing to not pull on my own hair… regular maintance .. soft brissle brush and have had a great experience  Key is taking care of them."

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