WORKSHOPS 3-day session includes: $2995.00

$2,995.00 AUD
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This one-on-one training is ideal for those who are new to hair extension application and/or would like to be educated on the Flexi-link, Tape, Natural Weft Technique, Flat Weft sewn-in application system.

This is made up of theory and practical.

The areas that will be covered over the day are as follows.

We work on a mannequin head, if you prefer a Model, Trainee must provide the model.

Hair to be used on the model is not included in the training price.

Models hair will need to be minimum shoulder length and must be color matched prior to the day of training.

Full payment to be made for Training upon booking

3-day session includes: $2995.00

  • All techniques (Flexi-links & Weft & Tape)
  • Demonstration of a Removal of hair extensions
  • Cutting and styling extensions
  • Theory about hair extensions
  • Business and marketing skills
  • Merchandising and sales
  • Consultation strategies
  • Salon procedures On-going support
  • Development toolkit- Training manual (USB)
  • Client consultation forms, and client maintenance forms (USB)
  • Payment Plans Options Available
  • No experience is necessary.

For further details on the workshops please contact us on 0415 373 786 or

Our unique hair extension system means you can become part of our ongoing success, while enjoying the independence that comes with running your own business.

We provide individual training and mentoring that gives you the knowledge, tools and techniques that are required to become a highly recognized hair extension expert. Book a session now with us for getting all the experience.

    Welcome to HairLocks, in order to make sure you do not have trouble when shopping on our site.

    Please have a look before you place an order.

    1. We do not accept refunds & exchange unless there is a defect in the items that makes it unusable, but you need to apply for a refund & exchange within three days after you received the goods, otherwise we do not process it.

    2. If the goods are confirmed bad quality, we accept refunds & exchange, if exchange, it only can be exchanged for goods of the same style or same price.

    3. Three day SATISFACTION guarantee for color and feel. This also means that you can’t try on the hair – even if briefly! If you remove the hair from package it is eligible for return.

    Permanent hair extensions

    Disclosure statement

    The natural hair cycle does not change, only your awareness of it does.
    • The amount of hair that we suggest is an amount that is a starting point. You might need more hair in the future to achieve the look you desire.
    • It is recommended that you maintain your hair extensions on a regular basis. (4 to 8 weeks)
    • Remember hair grows approximately ½” per month. The further away the attachment is from the scalp, the more stress there will be on the roots.
    • Some people will only keep their extensions in for a special event or occasion. How long extensions are kept in is a personal decision.
    • We do not guarantee the life span of the hair extensions.
    • In some cases, there have been reports of headaches from the added weight. Everyone is different and will react in different ways.
    • If you’re allergic to any type of metal, please inform us.
    • It is recommended that you come in every 4-8 weeks for a service. This consists of re-applying the hair that may have fallen out, sealing the bonds, pushing the flexi links up and sometimes additional hair may be required for thickness.
    The more often you maintain your extensions,
    the longer they will last.
    We highly recommend a close contact and relationship between you and your hair extension specialist.
    If at any time a problem arises with your extensions you should notify your hair extension specialist as soon as possible so you may receive proper advice as to the care that would be necessary for the benefit and longevity of your extensions.

    Very Important to download the care sheet

    Buy the right colour first time using this free service. Send us a current picture and we will recommend which style and length you should try. Please allow 48 hours for a response, but we will endeavour to get back to you sooner. 

    We use our extensive knowledge of our product range to let you know what we think is the best colour for you. Because we work from photographs, we cannot offer any guarantees with our personal colour match service but if you are not completely satisfied with the colour of the product when you receive it, you can return it to us for a refund, in accordance with our terms and conditions. Upload Pictures.
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