HAVE YOU EVER WANTED, SUPER-LONG, OR PLUMPER HAIR? BUT THOUGHT YOU ACTUALLY COULDN'T AFFORD IT? WEAVE GOTTA COVERED! Here at HairLocks, Located on the Gold Coast, Australia. We have a revolutionary new method of providing women with the very best in 100% Virgin Remy human hair extensions. HairLocks will be the hair extension system which has equally celebrities and ordinary ladies of all ages talking about how they are amazed at how natural it looks, and how easy the actual systems are to install and look after. Our Clients can get the best of the highest quality hair extensions when it comes to looking stunning, and for many women, HairLocks hair extensions have the systems they come back to again and again. We are committed to providing the fantastic quality and results for everyone..



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Feather nano hair extensions refer to a type of hair extension method that uses small, lightweight nano rings or beads to attach individual strands of hair extensions to your natural hair. This technique is known for being gentle on your own hair and providing a natural look.

Genius Weave

Weave hair extensions, also known as sew-in extensions, are a popular method for adding length, volume, and versatility to natural hair.


Keratin hair extensions, also known as keratin fusion or pre-bonded hair extensions, are a type of semi-permanent hair extension method. They are popular for their natural appearance and longevity.


Micro bead hair extensions, also known as micro ring or micro loop extensions, are a type of semi-permanent hair extension method. They are popular for their natural appearance and versatility.



Allow our professionals to instantaneously enhance your hair by applying your preferred hair extensions method and a styled cut to complete the overall look and ensure an extremely natural end result.

Premium Hair Extension Prices List

Premium Hair Extension Prices List

Methods (Micro-Bead, Nano-Bead, Genius Weave, & Keratin)

22" Length

Master Technician European 6A European 7A Russian
Half Head 50g $385 $450 $600
3/4 Head 75g $559 $675 $900
Full Head 100g $715 $900 $1,200
Extra Full Head 125g $890 $1,125 $1,500
Super Star 150g $1,035 $1,350 $1,800
Rock Star 200g $1,370 $1,800 $2,400


Methods (Micro-Bead, Nano-Bead, Genius Weave, & Keratin)

22" Length

Level 5 Technician European 6A
Half Head 50g $295
3/4 Head 75g $425
Full Head 100g $545
Extra Full Head 125g $680
Super Star 150g $800
Rock Star 200g $1,035


The most popular hair length is 22" but we can customize lengths, colors, and textures.

What is the cost for the maintenance or removal?
Pricing is subject to change at anytime. Maintenance Prices .

We highly recommend have a read of our Care Sheet

The reason why Hairlocks System?
HairLocks looks and feels equally as Natural and healthy as your own locks and just as comfy to wear!

The HairLocks is the only hair extension technique offered right now that has been properly developed to protect the condition of your natural hair even though your adding volume and length without having to be concerned about the long term results.

HairLocks blends extremely effectively with the natural hair virtually undetectable to the eye, available on the market Today, in a range of sizes, lengths, shades and along with textures.

How many do I need?
The amount of hair that we suggest is an amount that is a starting point. You might need more hair in the future to achieve the look you desire.

100% Premium Human Hair
HairLocks use only the best premium human remy virgin hair cautiously chosen from all-around the planet promising the most natural outcomes combining magnificently with every type of hair and texture.

Russian: Royalty grade human hair with thick healthy hair shaft, with proper care it can last up to 2 years.

Grade 7A: Premium grade human hair with a strong hair shaft, with proper care, it can last longer then a year. It has a full cuticle.

Grade 6A: High grade human remy hair with proper care it can last 6 months to a year.

How often should I maintain my hair extensions?
Hairlocks is often maintained every 2 months without any slippage and the hair is used again and again, making this technique cost-effective for every budget. It is recommended that you maintain your hair extensions on a regular basis. (4 to 8 weeks) Remember hair grows approximately ½” per month. The further away the attachment is from the scalp, the more stress there will be on the roots. Some people will only keep their extensions in for a special event or occasion. How long extensions are kept in is a personal decision.

Hollywood's Magic formula
HairLocks is the best kept solution in Hollywood with many A-listers favoring this natural option to greatly enhance their look knowing that their own hair is going to be cared for while wearing the extensions.

"HairLocks integrates extremely well with your own hair practically undetectable to the eye."