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by HairLocks Hair Extensions 16 Mar 2021 0 Comments

What is Braid-Less Sew In/ Beaded Rows ?

Ordinarily hair extensions are installed once the individual's natural hair is braided next to the scalp. This braid was the foundation for the hair extension weft to be fitted. 

The next innovative trend of hair extensions were adhesive based hair extensions in which extensions adhered with a selection of various applications.

Using the Beaded Row method, you need neither adhesive nor braids!

Not all locks can support the tension of getting braided for eight weeks  and adhesive can be daunting!

As an alternative, opt for the Beaded Row/Braid~Less sew in method its a completely unique approach to installation that creates a basic foundation for the hair extensions with microbeads.

Braid~less sew ins can also be called “flat tracks”. Following installation the care for the hair extensions will be minimal - merely stick to your normal hair care regime!

The Braid~Less Sew In is ideal for anyone who would like to try something different - one that is both adhesive in addition to pain free!

The installation can last anywhere from 6-8 weeks based on the rate of your hair growth.

The reason why would someone want a Braid~Less Sew In?

Braid~Less Sew In is ideal for people whose locks does not stay well in long-term braids or who dislike the residue left over from all other adhesive hair extension methods.

This technique is perfect for those women of all ages who enjoy a trendy top knot or ponytail when correctly fitted the hair extensions won’t show at all - not even with an Arianna Grande ponytail!

The Braid Less Sew In technique are entirely adhesive free which makes moving them up or removal almost trouble-free.

Furthermore , these types of techniques enable for the installation of an extension with the least amount of contact points with the clients own head.

The minimal contact points make it possible for easy access to the scalp.

So a client can easily wash there hair without issue. Many experience that the Braid Less Sew In is the best technique for installing extensions because of the minimal contact points.

Due to the fact there is no adhesive required you will discover no limitations on what products can be used on the hair. With the skills of your technician, you can easily color or even tone your hair and hair extensions!

Who is a good applicant for this technique?

An ideal applicant should have at least 6 inches of hair or more and will not have any signs of consistent traction, alopecia or tension related issues.

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