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Hair Loss: Why Me?

by HairLocks Hair Extensions 03 Mar 2021 0 Comments

It happens to the best of us.  Our hair begins to fall out.  Hair loss is something that does happen to many men as well as women throughout the course of their lives.  When it does happen, though, those that are facing it will likely wonder what in the world is happening to them.  No matter what happens, hair loss can often be something that causes us to hate what we see in the mirror each and every day.  Yet, it is something that is natural and a normal part of aging for many of us.  That said, it is important to know as much as you can about this condition.

Hair loss can happen for a number of reasons.  It can happen because of the imbalance of hormones that are evident in the body.  This can happen at any time in life but usually happens in the later stages of life, for example in women it may happen more readily after menopause.  Hair loss can also happen because of the physical conditions that our bodies are under including severe stress, medications that we are taking, illness and disease, as well as treatments including chemotherapy.  In many of these cases, hair loss will actually stop and will begin to grow again once these things are removed from the picture.

Hair loss can be something that is hereditary as well.  For many of us, this is what will cause the thinning of the hair.  If you are one that has a family line of hair loss, chances are good that you too will deal with this condition.  In these cases, it can be heard to take because you just do not know what to do.  Yet, there are still some things that you can do to slow or stop the progression of your hair thinning.  By doing this, you can actually begin to rework your hair situation. 

Let us say that you really do not want to deal with the fact that you are experiencing hair loss.  For many  women their hair loss is something they would like to stop right now and forget it even happened.  If it were that easy, well, we wouldn't be here today.  For many people, the goal is not to be okay with their hair loss but to seek out the help that they need to make it stop falling out and to get their hair to begin to re-grow as it normally would.

The first thing that you need to do when facing hair loss, then, is to seek out the help of your doctor.  Their job will be to first determine just what is causing your hair loss in the first place.  For some, this may mean medications to help balance out their hormone levels in their body.  For others, it may mean trying out different medications if theirs are causing the hair loss.  Chemotherapy, high levels of stress, and even childbirth can actually cause hair loss that is temporary.  It can also be a symptom that something is wrong within your body.

In some cases, though, hair loss will be ruled as being that of a hereditary case.  Yes, your genes may be affecting you here.  Once these things are determined the right course of action needs to take place.  This can be the fact that you may need to just get in better diet and exercise or it can be the need for you to use prescription strength or over the counter medications for help.  Your doctor can help you to learn more about your medicinal options, of course, but you may want to carefully think about things like natural remedies for hair loss too.  Hair loss can be treated, once you begin to figure out what is causing it in the first place.

Preventing Hair Loss Naturally

Believe it or not, you do not have to be like you mother or her mother and have to deal with hair loss.  If you have a hereditary tendency for hair loss, you may be at a loss for what to do.  You may even think that there is nothing that you can do to stop your hair from falling out.  In some cases, this is true.  In others, though, there are some things that you can do to help your hair to slow its rate of loss or to actually help you to not lose your hair in the first place.

•    Start early.  It is important to notice that you are losing your hair.  While all people will lose hair on a daily basis, it is likely that you will notice when it is not growing back as fast as you would like it to do so.  It is easier to keep healthy hair in active follicles rather then to get dormant follicles to begin to re-grow hair again.
•    Topical applications of Ketoconazole have been shown to aid in the stimulation of hair growth especially when used with other treatments such as Rogaine.  These products have had a good rate of success.
•    Get your exercise in.  Those that get their needed exercise will actually be less likely to experience hair loss as it can help to maintain androgen levels in the body which will slow or stop hair loss from happening.  Go for aerobic exercise for the best results.
•    Decrease the amount of stress that you are under.  Severe stress levels have been shown to attribute to your hair loss.  If you can reduce your stress levels, even slightly, you will improve your chances of stopping hair loss.

Hair loss can be something that is slowed or even stopped.  Sure, there are many times when you can not do anything about it.  But, if you have the option to do something about it now, this may be a better solution for you to take.

Peace be with you,

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